Operating for over 30 years, our company  was born as a specific assistance resource for hosiery companies.  In constant evolution to fulfill the changing market needs, we now enlarged our horizons by developing into an efficient metalworking workshop, so as to cover several fields: hosiery, pure mechanics, and a niche market branch, that is entirely dedicated to customized objects of different kind.  Our company deploys cutting edge softwares, modern machinery and a highly qualified staff, always keeping a constant attention to the use of top quality raw materials.   
We grant assistance for the brands TAKATORI, DETEXOMAT and SOLIS. Many of the spare parts and accessories for those machines, if unavailable or out of stock, can be directly produced by our company’s metalwork department.
We specialize in UNION SPECIAL branded machinery, for which we are EXCLUSIVE DEALERS in Lombardy area, we overhaul and repair machines only with original spare parts. Depending on client’s needs, we can also “TRANSFORM” machines, so as to adapt them to any kind of stitching technique or tool.
Inside our company, we provide our clients with a directly-managed SHOP of spare parts.
We COMMERCIALIZE female hosiery machinery, we have at our disposal a wide range of used machines, ready for delivery or not;  we also pick up disused machinery.

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